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Links to Make You Think

Posted by Rhonda Spaulding on January 18, 2008

Here are some interesting tidbits from around the web today.

  1. Do you remember the $300 or $600 tax rebate check that you got a few years ago? President Bush is proposing similar rebates once again as fears of an economic slow down dominate the news. It also looks like there are plans for some tax incentives for small businesses as well. Will Congress approve another Bush tax cut after bashing them all of these years?
  2. Keeping with the tax relief theme, the Indiana Congress is right in the thick of determining what can be done to provide property tax relief. The Governor’s plan as detailed in today’s Indianpolis Star focuses on property tax caps for homeowners and shifting some local spending to the state (but don’t forget that 1% increase in the state sales tax). Governor Daniels’ plan seems to be on a fast track in the house.
  3. Many taxpayers often wonder if they should itemize deductions or not. The standard deduction has increased significantly in the past few years but it is always worth it to add up those deductions to see which will get you the smallest tax bill. Here is a handy summary of the differences between the two methods.
  4. As a “crazy right wing conservative”, I am more and more offended that Mike Huckabee is holding himself out to be a conservative. Please tell me that my party will not nominate someone who thinks the Constitution is a “living, breathing document.” Don’t we have enough of that on the Supreme Court already?

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